Here's a short video (mp4 format; you'll probably need QuickTime) 2927KB

      Four - Al Boudreau - drums, Mark Carlson - bass   Gloucester, MA

Click to watch a YouTube video of a gig on whaling ship

Click to see me on my first gig - 1927

Click for some samples of the Marcello/Ted duoi

Click for some samples of the Kevin/Ted duoi

Click for Ted with Carl Smitty Smooth


Here's a collection of sample recordings in downloadable mp3 format:


Trio: Electric piano & vocal, with Mickey Roache - Guitar, Marty Schotz - Drums, Ted - vocal, piano, keyboard bass

            You Go to My Head   3255KB     3:25


Solo acoustic piano:
            Gone with the Wind 1330KB       3:00


Duo: with Dan Nadeau - Drums, Ted - Keyboards & vocal

             Dance with Me   3426KB     3:35

Solo electric piano -- guitar patch with strings:

           EmbraceableYou    5399 KB   6:05    

Solo acoustic piano

          A Felicidade    2927 KB   3:07


Solo Electric Piano with drum track

                 So Many Stars       6422 KB   4:36


Hayward Blackledge Quintet

Hayward, drums; David, Alto; Ken, Guitar; Steve, bass; Ted, keys;

                 Mr. Magic       6908 KB    7:20

Duo: Electric piano & vocal, with Bob Gallo, tenor saxaphone:
        Don't Let me be Lonely Tonight  1952KB          4:44

Solo acoustic piano

        What is This?   2498 KB    2:30


Solo electric piano/vocal: (one overdubbing)

          Jet          4091KB       4:18 


Solo electric piano/vocal: using the "NY Voices" patch (no overdubbing)

        Like Someone in Love   4354KB   4:38

Trio: Acoustic piano with Marshall Wood, bass; Bob Gullotti, Drums:
        Liza  (original tune)    2250KB             5:36

Trio: Acoustic piano with Marshall Wood, bass; Bob Gullotti, Drums:
         NMR  (original tune)    1510KB             3:40

Solo acoustic piano:
         Waltz for the Bonfires (original tune)  1328KB       3:00

Duo: Acoustic piano (right hand), Synth bass (left hand) with Arby, drums:
         Sparky in my Narky  (original tune) 1942KB           4:43

Quartet: "Monday Night Group"  Mickey Roache, Guitar; Cary Josef, bass; Marty Schotz, drums, Ted Knowlton, piano
         In Your Own Sweet Way     2686KB        6:34

Solo Acoustic piano, with strings (overdubbed):
         Polly's Interlude (original tune)       2694KB         6:35

Solo Acoustic piano, Drum machine, Synth bass (overdubbed) :
         Serenda  (original tune)   1911KB           4:35

Practice Guide for "No More Blues":
No More Blues   

Click this to read about and hear a 1965 home recording of Keith Jarret