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Sparky - 7 weeks old
Jan. 9, 1988
Sparky at 3 months
Sparky with Lori and Britches
Corn cobs
Always ready to travel
by inflatable
In Nova Scotia
Cruising on 'Bear with Me'
Sparky navigates BWM
Sparky & friends check out 'Buzzards Bear' (Hobie 17)
Sparky with grandkids
Touring the Canadian Rockies
The group visits Suki in Colorado
from the front seat of the truck
visiting friends in Ohio
Retta's brother Derby comes for a visit
Sparky helps Ted play piano
go to bed
Sparky & his toys
on our bed
helping with the
Cookie House
Christmas 2000
March 2003
Retta at Sparky's grave site May 2003